Victorian or Medieval Setting – Helpful websites for world building

The prestigious Victorian Era, mhmm, yes *British Accent* is often used in fantasy fiction novels, mhmm, yes *British Accent overload* along with the Medieval Era with swords and knights, mhmm, yes *British Accent overlord*.

adult beard black jacket cup

It’s a cup of tea. How much more British can you get? (Don’t hate on me, I love Britain.)

I have seen comments on this that say it’s bad to revert to the Medieval Era. I have seen comments on this that say “Well, when people say Medieval Era, they aren’t talking about Asia, they’re talking about Europe, often specifically about the England.”

“And the Victorian Era is just cliche,” they say.

“But why?” I wail, “Why is it bad?”

I LOVE the Victorian Era and the Medieval Era. It just has so much darkness and beauty and prestigious-ness and novel-worthy things in it.

So I’ve done my fair share of story research when it comes to those revolving around the Victorian Era or the Medieval Era and, on occasion, a mixture of the two.

Let me clear something up for you guys.

The Victorian Era is not just some ambiguous fantasy. It’s what people call the era ruled by Queen Victoria of England (1837-1901).

This was the era where lots of things changed for Britain. Technology (railways etc), morbid curiosity (especially when Prince Albert died suddenly everyone was fascinated with the dead), circuses, the opium wars, etc.

Now, the Medieval Era, don’t get it confused with the Victorian Era because the Medieval Era comes before the Victorian Era.

According to Wikipedia at least, the Middle Ages lasted from the 5th century to the 15th century. Think of the Crusades, the Black Death, Joan of Arc, those are all Medieval Era events.

Victorian Era

Queen Victoria 1887.jpg

– helpful websites

Most things, I just made up as I went along. The only thing I really needed help with was what jobs people have. So here’s some websites that helped me with that.

Victorian Occupations

If you’re gonna write a story with a Victorian setting, you might need to know what jobs people in this era can have and no, there are so many more jobs than just a tailor or a shoemaker.

Artisan Skills

Someone to build your roof? Someone to fix your fence? There’s a name for that in the Victorian Era.

Police Force in the Victorian Era

I mean, you need the police if your story is set in a semi-modern Victorian town, right? If you are going to make up a police force, you need to have an idea of what the law life was like back then before you shove some made-up one in.


Medieval Era


– helpful websites

For this era, I needed a lot more information to even think about making something up.

Medieval Spell

This website has everything Medieval that you can even begin to think of. I used this website mostly to understand how knighthood works or how a boy becomes a knight.

All Things Medieval

This website has all the terms you need to know about all things medieval. I used to this to learn what parts of a castle is called. But of course they have much more than that. It’s a fun website to spend some time browsing through, too 🙂

How to light a fire in the Medieval Era

I had to share with you one of my random search items: how did people in the Medieval Era light fires? Such as, if they went out into the woods, what did they do? It’s kind of important, I think.


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